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How growing teams interview fast & fair

Don’t keep winging interviews and hiring on gut alone. Our software ensures that anyone in your company can run a structured, speedy, & spectacular hiring process.

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Interview Intelligence is your hiring co-pilot

Luma makes every teammate an interviewing superhero.

video & data from every interview

interviewers in real-time to run a fair & efficient process

handoffs & feedback, so hiring teams make good decisions

team members to make each interview better than the last

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Don't settle for bad interviews

Before Luma

“I’ll make up questions on the fly.”
“My gut tells me…”
“I didn't make time to prep.”
“This process takes forever.”

After Luma

Thoughtful coordination
Objective, data-driven hiring
Real-time, in-interview guidance
Hire in days, not weeks

Getting hiring right is everyone's business

Leaders from every department rely on Luma to build a great team and deliver a great candidate experience

People Teams
Empower every teammate to interview in line with your values
Engage more fully with candidates & collaborate simply with hiring teams
Hiring Managers
Fill seats faster, while improving the quality of your hiring decisions
DEI Champions
Bring greater structure and objectivity to every hiring process
Get visibility into hiring, quickly review candidates, & coach teammates

“Having the ability to record and share interview clips with our hiring teams has been a game-changer in getting good candidates into the process and speeding up our time to hire.”

Global Director, Talent Acquisition, Terminal

“Luma is a huge opportunity for us to be completely confident about the fairness and effectiveness of our assessments... It is an invaluable tool for coaching, developing and supporting our newer interviewers on the team.”

Taylor Roa
Manager of Talent Acquisition

Right people. Right Seats.

Center your hiring decisions on objective reality, rather than subjective opinions. Interview effectively and select the right candidates every time with Luma.