Luma releases Luma Teams, an in-meeting app for Zoom

INDIANAPOLISLuma, the interview intelligence platform, today announced the launch of Luma Teams, a new app for Zoom delivering an embedded interview experience accessible within Zoom Meetings. This new in-meeting experience is now available in the Zoom App Marketplace, which hosts 1,400+ third-party integrations that extend the power of Zoom’s industry-leading video communications platform. 

Luma Teams brings the most essential elements of interviewing with Luma right into the Zoom window. The app guides interviewers through a structured checklist of core competencies for each candidate—mitigating bias by focusing each conversation around key skills. In addition, Luma Teams enables interviewers to create custom highlights from the interview, right in Zoom, in real time. This makes it easier than ever to craft custom candidate highlights for easy sharing with the rest of the hiring team.

“We’re excited to team up with Zoom to bring Luma Teams to Zoom Apps,” said Eli Collis, Director of Engineering at Luma. “Luma ensures recruiters and people teams find great talent—and bringing Luma right into interviews conducted on Zoom is a big leap toward more effective, equitable hiring processes.”

Luma Teams is a phenomenal addition to this first group of Zoom Apps,” added Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations, Zoom.  “Luma is a wonderful example of how an integration on top of Zoom can enhance and transform important functions like job interviews.” 

Luma, a High Alpha company, brings conversational intelligence into the hiring process for both external recruiting firms and in-house teams, gathering video and data from every interview. The platform guides interviewers in real-time to run a fast & fair process, intelligently creates highlight reels of every interview, and simplifies collaboration and ongoing coaching for team members. 

Early customers like recruiting firm are saving recruiters hours of notetaking, slicing the interview time required for each candidate, and improving candidate acceptance rates. The new Zoom App makes Luma even more impactful for all hiring stakeholders—from recruiters to hiring managers to executives. 

Luma has already built integrations with Zoom, Greenhouse, Lever, and more to address the needs of tech-first people teams—and is looking to rapidly expand their product functionality over the next year. Learn more about Luma and the Luma Teams app for Zoom at


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Luma is an interview intelligence platform that coaches organizations and individuals to interview effectively and equitably. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Luma is on a mission to help their customers continuously improve and become the best organizations on earth at interviewing and hiring. To learn more about Luma, visit

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