Better interviews,
brighter outcomes

The hiring process is stale. Biased. And deeply inefficient.
Revolutionize how you interview, assess, and hire candidates with intelligence
that’s changing the way companies build their teams.

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Run an effective interview process
every time

Job Posting
Luma integrates with your ATS and intelligently suggests core competencies for the role
Get Netflix-like highlight reels from previous interviews
In-Interview Questions and Competencies
Your interview partner — Luma surfaces important interview questions in the moment while coordinating multi-step interview processes
Automatically create transcripts and highlights of all interviews to review and share adding intelligence and certainty around every hire
Make informed, confident decisions with side-by-side comparisons of highlights and data from finalists

Interview intelligence that’s built for speed
and equity

Decrease prep time

Watch auto-generated highlights from previous interviews and rely on real-time interview guidance to make sure you and your team focus on the right things.

- Review previous interview highlights
- Question guidance in interviews

Stay present

Focus on the candidate and leave the note-taking to Luma. With recordings, transcriptions, and post-interview analysis, Luma helps teams not only run better interviews, but learn and improve every time.

- Transcribed interviews and recordings
- Post-interview recaps, highlights, and coaching

Share, collaborate, and highlight real moments

Don’t keep interviews in a silo. Create your own interview highlight reel or access Luma’s curated highlight feature to share candidate reels with your team.

- AI-generated candidate highlight reels
- Simple sharing for team collaboration and coordination

Work your core (competencies)

Identify the core competencies that are most important to each role. Then we’ll make sure you evaluate each one — and we’ll automatically create highlights to match.

- Coordinate multi-step interview process to cover competencies
- Playback highlights for side by side comparisons

Integrations made easy

Connect Luma right to your ATS to streamline scheduling and candidate management.

We partner with Zoom, the world’s leading video conferencing platform. 

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Bring interview intelligence into your hiring process

Empower your teams to run an effective, efficient, and equitable hiring process. Improve hiring skills along the way and hire the best people for your teams.